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Connecticut’s Sub CoCs

CT BOS is comprised of multiple localities, many of which have their own planning groups, known as sub-CoCs.  The sub CoCs bring local providers and stakeholders together to collaboratively address homelessness and plan housing and services in their region. CT BOS Steering Committee Representatives from the sub-CoCs share work being conducted in their communities and raise local issues of importance and concern for CT BOS to address. For more information about how to get involved contact the subCoC representative from your region.

Middlesex (M)Ron Kromron@svdmiddletown.org
New Britain (NB)Ellen Simpsonesimpson@friendshipservicecenter.org
Windham/Tolland (WI/T)Kathy Creeskathy.crees@accessagency.org
New London/Norwich (NL)Kathy Allenkathya@trfp.org
Greater Hartford (H)Matt Morganmatt.morgan@journeyhomect.org
Manchester (M)Andrea HakianAHakian@chrhealth.org
New Haven (NH)Silvia Moscariellosilvia.moscariello@libertycs.org
Litchfield (L)Nancy CannavoNCannavo@hungerford.org
Waterbury (W)Belinda Arcebarcelopez@chd.org
Bristol (NB)Phil Lysiakedsvdp@comcast.net
Danbury (D)Jacqueline Elamjelam@hacdct.org