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Each year CT BOS competes with other CoCs across the country to secure federal funds to support transitional housing, rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing, Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), coordinated entry programs, and CoC Planning projects.  In the FY2017 CoC Program Competition, CT BOS secured approximately $34 million in federal funds to help end homelessness in Connecticut. Application materials from the most recent competition are below.

Most Recent Materials

  1. CT BOS CoC Application 2017 – FINAL
  2. CT BOS Project Priority Listing 2017 – FINAL
  3. Rating, Review, Selection & Ranking Procedures
  4. Reallocation Documentation-final
  5. HUD’s 2017 Continuum of Care Program Funding Awards
  6. CT BOS CoC HUD Project Priority Listing FY 2017 w/all accepted/rejected apps & reallocation forms -POSTED 9/25/17
  7. CT BOS CoC HUD Consolidated Application FY 2017 w/all attachments-POSTED 9/25/17
  8. 2017 Review, Scoring and Ranking procedures-POSTED 9/25/17
  9. Process for Reallocation 2017 CoC Program Competition-POSTED 9/25/17