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Steering Committee Meeting

CT BOS CoC Steering Committee is the planning body that coordinates efforts toward ending homelessness in the CT BOS region.  The Steering Committee determines the local needs of people experiencing homelessness, implements strategic responses, educates the community about homelessness, provides training and support to providers of homeless services, establishes policies for projects operating in the CT BOS area, evaluates CoC and project performance, and implements continuous quality improvement strategies

Rapid Rehousing Workgroup

The Rapid Rehousing (RRH) Workgroup consists of RRH providers and other interested parties coming together monthly in order to develop recommendations for the following:  initial eligibility, prioritization for assistance, amount and duration of assistance, income requirements, eligibility criteria for continued assistance, case load size for supportive services, standards for effective supportive service delivery and funding for services, population specific issues, and technical assistance and training needs and other issues impacting effective RRH program delivery.

Semi-Annual Meeting

CT BOS holds meetings for all CT BOS funded projects and interested members of the community at least semi-annually.  Meetings are open to all persons interested in homelessness, including all CoC grantees and non-HUD funded housing and service providers as well as advocates, funders, consumers, universities, businesses, government agencies and other concerned citizens.  The purpose of the meetings is to share information, provide resources and solicit feedback on how CT BOS can assist in providing the highest quality services and housing to people experiencing homelessness and other housing crises.


CT BOS convenes a series of trainings for CoC funded projects annually.  Training topics include Housing First, Employment, Public Benefits, HUD Annual Progress Reports, and HUD and CoC Requirements.