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Connecticut Coordinated Access Networks

Providers of service to people experiencing homelessness are coordinating their efforts to end homelessness in communities across Connecticut by developing Coordinated Access Networks (CANs). Through these CANs, service providers work together to streamline and standardize the process for individuals and families to access assistance. CT BOS Steering Committee Representatives from the CAN reps share work being conducted in their communities and raise local issues of importance and concern for CT BOS to address. For more information about how to get involved contact the CAN representative from your region.

CentralSuzy Rivera and Marisa Giaccotto
Greater HartfordCrane Cesario and Lisa
Middlesex/MeridenDeanna Bencivengo and Manssour Hanne
NorthwestBelinda Arce-Lopez and Nancy
Greater New HavenNicole Barnofski and Silvia
EasternKathy Allen and Kim