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COVID-19 Resources and Key Information for Providers.

This page will cover Continuum of Care specific information to CTBOS and links to key partners and other resources.

Check back often as this page and the links to resources pages below will be updated frequently.

CTBOS COVID-19 Office Hours via Zoom once per month from 11 – 12 unless otherwise noted.

To participate:

  • Meeting ID: 956 4487 8479
  • Password: 414595
  • Phone:  646-876-9923

Next Meeting:  Friday, August 6

  • Presentation slides:

Latest News

CT BOS Memo regarding Round six of COVID-19 Related Waivers to CoC and YHDP Requirements-PDF (07.19.21)

CDC Eviction moratorium extedned to July 31, 2021.  The order can be found at: (06.28.21)

UniteCT Information Application Page: (06.28.21)

  • Program to provide rental and electricity payment assistance to qualified CT households financially impacted by COVD-19