This page contains materials from previous Continuum of Care (CoC) Competitions.  In general, HUD conducts one national competition annually for Continuum of Care funding and CT Balance of State CoC submits both the CoC Consolidated Application, which responds to questions regarding the whole Continuum, and the Priority Listing, which, as the name states, ranks projects in the order that the CoC decides by priority for funding.  Individual project applications are submitted by recipient agencies, accepted and ranked by the CoC and submitted to HUD.

When new CoC funds are available as part of the CoC Competition, in general, CT BOS conducts a Request for Applications and then scores, and accepts applications to put forward for new CoC funding, or rejects applications according to score or threshold review.

2019 HUD CoC Competition Documents

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2018 HUD CoC Competition Documents

CT BOS CoC Consolidated Application to HUD for the FY 2018 CoC Program Competition: this document has the complete Consolidated Application to be submitted to HUD including all attachments.  Attachments include all projects accepted and rejected from the competition.

CT BOS CoC 2018 Review, Score, and Ranking Process: this document includes objective scoring for renewals and new projects, ranking procedures, reallocation decisions/processes, and evidence that those processes were publicized.

CT BOS CoC Priority Listing for the FY 2018 CoC Program Competition: this document has the listing and ranking of all of the CT BOS CoC projects submitted to HUD for funding in the 2018  HUD CoC Program Competition.

CT BOS CoC List of Project Applications 2018: All CT BOS CoC project applications (new, reallocation, renewal) being submitted to HUD are listed below.

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